Premier Junior Tour partners with NCSA Athletic Recruiting

New Golf Partnership Helps High-School Student Athletes


Cape Coral, FloridaPremier Junior Tour (PJT) is excited to announce its new partnership with NCSA Athletic Recruiting. NCSA Athletic Recruiting is the largest NCAA approved recruiting network with a similar mission to PJT of helping student athletes make the most of their formative years and develop future leaders through sport.


At its core, PJT is committed to providing a world class experience on and off the golf course for student-athletes looking to leverage the sport of golf to create future opportunities. At its core, NCSA is committed to providing the tools and resources to help students and their families navigate the recruiting process to better leverage opportunities at the colleges and universities that best suit each individual athlete’s needs. Through cutting-edge technology, in-person recruiting seminars and a staff of over 500 former college athletes and coaches for families to lean on, NCSA has helped over xxx student athletes find the best opportunity to take their game to the next level.


Both PJT and NCSA want students to succeed not just for four years of college, but for the rest of their lives taking the lessons they learn in the classroom and on the golf course and translating them into leadership qualities in the workforce, community and with their family.


About NCSA Athletic Recruiting


NCSA Athletic Recruiting believes in the transformational power of sport. NCSA’s network connects millions of student-athletes to approximately 35,000 active college coaches. The NCSA team includes more than 450 former college and pro athletes offering personal guidance through the recruiting process and enabling students to find and afford the right college. Since 2000, NCSA has helped more than 80,000 student-athletes commit to colleges with awards totaling nearly $4 billion in scholarship and aid. For more information about NCSA Athletic Recruiting visit


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NCSA Athletic Recruiting
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