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Founder Chris Krause started NCSA because his own recruitment process was complicated—and nothing like the courtship it’s portrayed as in the movies. As a high school senior, Chris was a blue chip prospect, the kind of kid whose grades, test scores and athletic achievements should have made his recruitment a breeze. College coaches were interested, but Chris didn’t know how the process worked, and there was no easy way to learn.In the end, Chris took his fate into his own hands, working hard to create and execute a roadmap that led him to a full scholarship from Vanderbilt University to play football. But he felt that he was playing catch-up the whole time, and many of his high school teammates—players who had the same abilities he did, and who should have played college football—never did connect with college coaches.


Chris knew that what he had learned along his own recruitment journey—things like rules and regulations, the recruiting schedule, and how best to contact coaches and show them what he could do—could benefit other student athletes. He knew this because he had done it for himself; in a sense, Chris was his own first client. He set out on a mission to bring recruiting experts and technology together to help high school athletes gain exposure to the network of coaches who could change their lives


NCSA founder Chris Krause talks about the inspiration behind NCSA and his drive to help thousands of high school athletes just like himself.


Chris’s recruiting story isn’t unique—neither among NCSA staff members nor the thousands of high school students who seek guidance and exposure from NCSA each year. We remember the uncertainty and anxiety that accompanies the recruiting process. Our experience as college athletes, coaches and scouts helps us guide the student athletes we work with to the next level. It’s that same experience that has earned us the trust of thousands of college coaches and scouts around the country: Our screening and scouting capabilities are second to none, and coaches trust us to link them with athletes that will thrive on their teams.We believe in the power of athletics to build character and form leaders who will benefit their communities long after they leave the field of play. These are the principles at the heart of NCSA’s Athleadership program, and it’s what has driven NCSA to become the leader in the field of college recruiting. We’re proud to help student athletes use their academic credentials and sporting achievements to move on to the college level.


"I wanted to make sure that every single kid that has the ability gets exposed to the right opportunities early enough to make a real difference in their lives.”



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